About manual and what is GuruCMS

About manual and what is GuruCMS

Content management system is a software that allows add and modify the content on the website. New Media Guru has created a content management system called GuruCMS. Content management system may be also called CMS or system. The pictures and videos used in the manual are for illustrative purposes and may be different from the real CMS.

Usage of GuruCMS requires basic knowledge of work with text editor and internet browser.

Technical requirements:

  • enabled JavaScript;
  • enabled cookies;
  • IE 8 or Firefox 3.0 or Opera 10 or later versions of these browsers (but not beta versions);
  • minimal screen resolution 1024×768, we advise 1280×1024 and bigger screen resolution.

GuruCMS version 2.9 includes several SEO functions that make website more search engine friendly: short links, adding titles and meta-tags.