Big advantage of online business

The big advantage of online business – online shops in today’s technology era, of course, provide a lot of opportunities for business people. All businesses in the world’s sales are currently competing to advance their business using the internet network, various kinds of online media such as the world’s giant search engine media, google, bing,


Services We think that creativity is the most important in all of our services. Our customers appreciate not just correctness and high quality of technical solutions from New Media Guru, but foremost good ideas and alternative approach. Our main activity is creating websites. There are very different projects in our portfolio. We’ve created simple and standard


Company New Media Guru was founded in 2003. Our main areas are making websites, development of web-based systems and creation of digital and offline design. During the years of our existence we have created lots of unique and creative projects. We are a small, but professional team that loves its work. Our experience allows us to solve tasks of any

Module settings

Module settings Some of the modules have fixed settings that make them different from other modules. Search on the website   Search on the website finds data from the content uploaded by the following modules: Search doesn’t find the content from the following modules: Texts News Galleries Forum Products Documents Blog Polls Feedback Orders Partners

Weather forecast

Weather forecast Module “Weather forecast” allows user administrate weather forecasts. The data is taken from website. By adding new location user can: insert the name of the location; insert XML address of the location from database. You can find XML address of location if you look for the location on website and


Texts Although text can be added to the page in the module “Structure”, in some cases it’s useful to add content using module “Texts” because it has some additional functions. By adding text user can: choose the page (where the text will be uploaded to); choose if this text created a list. As it’s possible to add


Products Module “Products” allows user administrate products. Module includes five parts: “Products”, “Subproducts”, “Group fields”, “Group sets” and “Manufacturers”. Manufacturers This part is created to make the process of adding the product faster. When adding product you just have to select the manufacturer (brand of the product) and so you don’t have to insert each time


Polls Module “Polls” allows user to administrate polls. Poll is with fixed location on the website, usually on the side menu. By adding poll user can: choose language (in the case if the website has several language versions); insert name (the question of the poll); choose the start date (on that date the poll will


Partners Module “Partners” allows user administrate partner logos. Partner logos are displayed on the website depending on the design either on separate page or in some fixed location like under the menu and displayed on every page. By adding partner user can: choose page (where the partner will be uploaded to); insert link; upload partner’s