Module “Banners” allows user administrate banners. Module includes three parts: “Banners”, “Zones” and “Users”. Zone is the location of banner on website. Zones can be added by user only if banners are located on one location on website and it’s possible considering the design of website. If the banners are located in different places on website (for example in footer, under the menu, in header), user can’t add zones and this can be done only by the creator of CMS.


By adding zone user can:

  • insert zone name;
  • insert zone width in pixels;
  • insert zone height in pixels.

When adding zone the width of zone mustn’t be wider that the initial zone at this location.

Action form under the list allows to delete the banners.


User is in this context the owner of banner – that can be user himself/herself or some customer whose banner user shows on his/her website. By adding user it’s possible to:

  • insert contact person name;
  • insert company name;
  • insert e-mail;
  • insert phone number;
  • insert address.

Action form under the list allows to delete the users.

The bottom part of the page of pages list includes fields and buttons for import and export. Both export and import files and in XML format that can be opened by Excel. Export file includes the data of users. You can make changes to several users’ data in the export file, for instance changing user contact data. Changed file must be uploaded as import file. Import file can’t include new users, but only the modified data of existing users.


By adding banner user can:

  • choose language (if the website has several language versions);
  • choose user (the owner of banner);
  • choose dates of displaying banner (fields “Date from” and “Date to”);
  • insert the number of banner clicks (100 000 clicks by default);
  • insert the number of banner views (500 000 views by defailt);
  • insert banner link;
  • choose if the banner will open website in new window;
  • choose banner’s zone;
  • choose banner type. Selection “Image” allows to upload JPG, GIF, PNG or Flash file. Selection “HTML” allows to upload text or HTML banner.

The choice of dates and number of clicks and views function in combined way. Example: the period of dates is 5 days, number of clicks is 500 and number of views is 10000. In this case banner will not be displayed on website anymore when one of those numbers will be reached – either 5 days or 500 clicks or 10000 views. If you wish to use just one of the three choices, insert too big numbers in the rest of two choices. For example let’s imagine that you wish to show the banner for 10 days. As you know the statistics of your website, you have to insert unlikely numbers of clicks and views. Let’s say you know that in average you have in 10 days about 1000 views. In this case insert 5000 views.

Next to “Clicks” to “Views” fields are fields that have “0” content when inserting the banner. Those fields will display the total number of banner clicks and views made.

In the list of banners it’s possible to filter banners by users, zones and languages.

Action form under the list allows to delete banners and change their order.


In the list each banner has two buttons that are showed when you click on the green button on the line of the particular banner (Picture 1.).

On the page of statistics you have to choose the dates of statistics. The default period is 12 months. The statistics includes two parts: views and clicks. The clicks and views are shown for each day and summed by months.

Button “Send” sends the statistics for last 12 months to the e-mail of the user (owner of the banner).