Module settings

Module settings Some of the modules have fixed settings that make them different from other modules. Search on the website   Search on the website finds data from the content uploaded by the following modules: Search doesn’t find the content from the following modules: Texts News Galleries Forum Products Documents Blog Polls Feedback Orders Partners


Structure Module “Structure” allows you to create the structure of the website. Before you start with this process it would be good to write down, what is the structure of your website. (Picture 1.). Now that you have the plan of the structure, you can start creating it. Different languages can have different structure and

The list of entries

The list of entries The list of entries (Picture 2.) is the list of the entries in the particular module. For example if 3 news were added, then the module „News“ displays the list of 3 news. Below the name of the module there is a menu that allows to view the list of entries

Adding and modifying the entry

Adding and modifying the entry The following functions are used in the process of adding and modifying entries: Date field Allows set the date. Usually used for inserting date into the entry or setting the expiration date of the entry. Text field contains date in yyyy-mm-dd format (Picture 1.). By clicking on the of the

Desktop and the structure of the system

Desktop and the structure of the system After logging in, the „Desktop“ page (Picture 1.) is open. This page displays the names and icons of the modules of the particular administration system and allows user to start work by choosing among the modules. Modules are divided into groups: Content, General settings and Structure. Group of modules

About manual and what is GuruCMS

About manual and what is GuruCMS Content management system is a software that allows add and modify the content on the website. New Media Guru has created a content management system called GuruCMS. Content management system may be also called CMS or system. The pictures and videos used in the manual are for illustrative purposes and may

Guru CMS 2.9 manual

Guru CMS 2.9 manual Guru CMS is a content management system created by New Media Guru LLC. CMS is a software that allows to create and modify the content of the website. In the beginning of 2011 we released version 2.9 of our CMS. On the right side of this page you can see the