Services We think that creativity is the most important in all of our services. Our customers appreciate not just correctness and high quality of technical solutions from New Media Guru, but foremost good ideas and alternative approach. Our main activity is creating websites. There are very different projects in our portfolio. We’ve created simple and standard

Maintenance service

Maintenance service This service is meant for customers that use websites made by us. Maintenance service allows to get CMS updates with better price. Thanks to these updates you can be sure that website software is new and reflecting needs of our customers. Maintenance service can be ordered for at least one year. Taking updates is optional,


Prices People often ask us “how much is one website?” and we ask them in return. If the question comes from constructor, we ask “how much is one house?”, if it comes from car dealer, we ask “how much is one car?”. Like in every other area there is no one specific answer about the

Online marketing

Online marketing Online marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing channels. That’s so for several reasons: online marketing is profitable and effective; the results (reaching the target group) can be measured easily; message that is created in an interesting and original way can start spreading itself and in much larger scale than in other media

Corporate identity and graphic design

Corporate identity and graphic design Creation of corporate identity and graphic materials is responsible task for every company. How you company is seen and remembered, how it’s recognized – that’s the question of company’s image and style. When creating corporate identity it’s very important that every detail is in it’s place, professionally made and reflects company

Websites and web-based systems

Websites and web-based systems Creating websites is our main area of activity. Website can be a simple minisite that has just a couple of pages or complicated system with database for inserting and processing data. Usually we prefer to do all the work ourselves and try to avoid projects where customer already has design or technical