Customer feedback

Customer feedback


I am very satisfied with the co-operation. I think that creating the website for Pokumaa wasn’t the easiest task, especially considering certain limits using original materials (illustrations). I liked that in the situations where we wished to have different solutions, you offered new options. Also I liked the flexibility and speed of your work.

We wished to have a website that can be maintained by ourselves. NMG offers us this feature and managing website’s content is easy and logical. It’s a great pleasure to hear from Pokumaa visitors that they like our website. I find this to be the best credit for the work!

I am very satisfied with the result. For me it’s important that information can be easily found on the website, that is updated constantly and made for the people, who will use it. The new website is interesting for children and their parents. We hope that many visitors will find their way to Pokumaa by the help of the website.

Helina Kärgenberg, member of the board.

Rausand Data

We are very satisfied with our new homepage and the very easy system where we ourselves can upgrade both text and pictures. It is very comforting working with professionals who know what they are doing and are not afraid of telling you what they mean, and always have a good reason for it.

Josefine Rausand.


We are very satisfied with your work. All our questions were answered quickly and problems solved creativly. We have received many compliments on the design of our website. So both – content and form – were done well by you.

Kaja and Aet, Pullover LLC.

Identity/Your ID

We are very satisfied with the website. It was done exactly as we wanted it to be. The task was not very usual and we like very much the solution provided by New Media Guru.

Artem Shorohov, CEO.

JK Restore

My feedback about the website is very positive. People like it and page has been very useful. Advertising specialists say that website looks good and is smartly made. Thanks to the website I have definitely made sale deals and it supports the whole system.

Jüri Kitt, restorer.

Balteco Mööbel

We are satisfied with the results of the work and methods of co-operation.

The service that is nice, businesslike, considering customer’s wishes and offering professional support gives customer expected results.

Andres Kaldma, marketing manager.

Viljandi Männimäe Pet Clinic

We are very satisfied with the website. The CMS is very easy to understand and comfortable to use. The design of the website is simple and pure, just like we wanted.

Keida Tirmaste, assistant at Männimäe pet clinic.

Alar Siku Matkaklubi

Thank you for done work. I liked a lot the speed of work and fast feedback. It was pleasant that in communication the level of customer’s computer skills were considered. Greatest gratitude!

Üllar Sikk.

NB Quality Group

Very professional attitude is what speaks for your company. Even more important – you respect deadlines, which is done very rarely in this business area.

Urmo Aava, marketing director.

Tartu Ekspress

Our co-operation with New Media Guru was good. The company did their work correctly and in time and the result fulfilled our expectations. In communication New Media Guru was practical and professional, but also friendly and understanding.

If in the future we will require new solutions, we won’t have to search long and will know whose services to use.

Team of Tartu Ekspress.


The work has been professional. Particularly we liked the flexibility and speed, also patience because we as customers sometimes stalled with our answers. We are very satisfied with the website. It fulfilled it’s purpose to have easy structure, but be stylish and include e-shop that can be fully administrated.

Talvis Lankots, CEO.

Pet Clinic of Janne Orro

We are very satisfied with the website. Design is beautiful and meets the needs of our company. Website was made quickly and accordingly to our wishes. Customers have said several times that they have found us or decided to use our services because of the website.

Janne Orro.


EuroAbi’s card is super! Big thanks, we are very satisfied, really beautiful work!

Kaire Gibbard, office manager.


We asked for simple page that could be managed by us. The result was exactly what we asked. Thank you!

Kalmer Seemann.


The team of New Media Guru achieved the purposes that I set for them. The website was created quickly and looked exactly how I imagined it.

Fedor Kaplunov, CEO.

Sweet Surprise

When we approached NMG, we couldn’t say exactly, how the website should look like and what the structure of it should be. All we had, was a huge ammount of photos of our products. People from NMG helped us to find our way in this new area and gave advice on how to upload all our content in the best and most effective way. We’d like especially to thank for stylish look of the website!

Team of Sweet Surprise.

Cafe Komeet

My co-operation with you has been pleasant and gainful. The website is easy and nice – just like I wanted. I have already received positive feedback from the visitors of the website. So thank you a lot for great job!

Anni Arro, hostess of cafe.


For some time already we had an idea that we need a new website. We had in mind something unique, something special, something that no one else (especially in translation business) has and we these thoughts we went to New Media Guru. Together with Tarieli Koppel we went on with our idea, developed it and the result speaks for itself. I won’t be exaggerating, if I’ll tell that the result is more than we expected. Thank you, New Media Guru, for pleasant co-operation!

Ando Plaado, CEO.

Pärnu Small Pet Clinic

I’m not very original, if I say that I’m satisfied wit your work, but that’s the truth.

Marti Lasn.

Tenon Holding

Co-operation with professionals is a pleasant experience and New Media Guru definitely is the expert in area of websites. In addition to user-friendly CMS they also offer high-level design. The best impressions from communication and results!

Kristel Kriisa, sales manager.

First Hand Theatre

We have with great pleasure worked with New Media Guru and we find that they have given us a nice outlook for our new homepage. After our homepage was finished we made that decision to let them keep on with our normal homepage “daily” work. They are working fast and they have a proper and modern attitude to the media. We will with pleasure recommend them to other who is looking for some homepage makers to work with.

Hans Hartvich-Madsen, co-founder.

Agency of Võrumaa’s Development

We are very satisfied with the co-operation with New Media Guru. The new website of Agency of Võrumaa’s Development satisfies us on the design and technical levels. The update of the content is logical, design is modern and made according to our wishes.

In the process of creating website our wishes were considered, technical bugs were fixed quickly and smoothly. We required a lot and were rather punctilious about getting website exactly as we wanted it, wished for many fixes and updates, but we never got impression that this may feel like an unpleasant task for website creators – the communication and service was always helpful and friendly.

Diana Timoshova, manager.


It’s fun to work with people who give you more than you expect from them!

Eero Talvistu, producer.

Responsible Business Forum

Throughout the project period, we were very satisfied with the New Media Guru approach and prompt response. For me, the attitude of NMG can be characterized as flexibility, thoroughness and ability to focus on the details. Two of us together found solutions that met our needs for all iisues.

Marko Siller, coordinator.

Tokyo Sushi Baar

In general we are very satisfied with the website. I like especially the design. Thank you very much for pleasant cooperation.

Kadri Masen, member of board.

Veemäe amusement park

We like the website very much.

Anti Saarepuu.

Draakon is a great website and it has received a lot of feedback from children. Kids have said that the games on the website are fun. The site is with simple structure and kids can use it easily.

Kaisa Erik, product manager.

Võru Biathlon

Co-operation with you has been what we expected it to be, even very much so. Your information providing is fast and correct, works has been made quickly, the website is made how we wanted it to be done, you have understood well our wishes. Thank you very much.

Raguell Oja.


We liked very much NMG’s initiative and sincere interest to finish the project and get the website done. During the process we felt that NMG was professional and innovative, on the other hand they thought along with us and knew their business area. NMG offered a number of interesting ideas and thoughts, some of which were also implemented. In a good sense “poking” was the right strategy from NMG for us, because only that ensured quick results.

It was pleasant to work in nice, supportive and positive atmosphere. It was good and confident to feel that both the technical and knowledge-based support is just as far as one phone call or e-mail.

We are very satisfied with the website, the design came out nice and calm.

Sigrid Salm, Head of Service ITAK LLC.


When we had to decide about the look of new website, there was no doubt that we should talk to our good old partner NMG. We worked on three designs and the result was the best one, as we believe 🙂 Work as usually was done very quickly and we’d like to thank New Media Guru for translations of specific wine words. We like it!

Margo Kõrgesaar, sales manager.