Desktop and the structure of the system

Desktop and the structure of the system

After logging in, the „Desktop“ page (Picture 1.) is open. This page displays the names and icons of the modules of the particular administration system and allows user to start work by choosing among the modules. Modules are divided into groups: Content, General settings and Structure. Group of modules “Content” includes modules that allow user to add content to the website and in some cases – for instance module “Orders” – to see entries made on website. “General settings” includes modules that allow to change settings of the CMS. “Structure” has only one module called the same way and it allows to create the menu structure of the website.

Picture 1. Desktop

When you open any of the modules you see the content of the particular module. Administration system consists of 3 basic elements: upper menu, left menu and content part (Picture 2. and Scheme 1.).

Picture 2. Content management system

Picture 3. Content management system

Upper menu consists of two parts:

  • the links to groups of modules and desktop are on the left side;
  • the right side of the upper menu has three buttons:

Print – opens print-version of the page;
Help – opens the manual of the administration system;
Log out – after you have finished working in administration system, you have to click on this button to log out.


Left menu (Picture 3.) displays the choice of modules in the chosen group of modules..


Picture 3. Left menu


Content part displays table of entries or input form of the particular module (Picture 4.)

Picture 4. Content part