Maintenance service

Maintenance service

This service is meant for customers that use websites made by us. Maintenance service allows to get CMS updates with better price. Thanks to these updates you can be sure that website software is new and reflecting needs of our customers.

Maintenance service can be ordered for at least one year. Taking updates is optional, but advised, as it comes cheaper to get new versions this way.

The service includes:

  • Fixing of errors after the warranty period. We don’t fix errors that are caused by the actions of third parties or customers – for instance user’s activity in CMS or changes on website, changes in the server settings, attacks on the website or server etc.
  • Update of CMS to the next version.
  • 20% discount for additional works and services.

If you don’t have maintenance service:

  • Errors will be not fixed after the 6-months warranty. Warranty is active from the moment the website is given over to customer.
  • Update of CMS version is charged.
  • There is no discounts.