Online marketing

Online marketing

Online marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing channels. That’s so for several reasons:

  • online marketing is profitable and effective;
  • the results (reaching the target group) can be measured easily;
  • message that is created in an interesting and original way can start spreading itself and in much larger scale than in other media channels.

We help to create different online marketing solutions:

  • Banners – we’ll create graphic and text banners and help you to choose the environment to display those banners;
  • Keyword advertising – similar to banner advertisement, but this service usually refers to Google Adwords that allows to display ads according to specific keywords that are used or searched by internet user;
  • Social networks –  mostly activity in Facebook. We help to create solutions for this environment and give advise on how to make Facebook work for your company;
  • Campaign sites – there are two types: temporary websites (so called landing pages) that help to emphasize the message of the campaign and long-term websites that are focused on the brand or group of products.

We are especially glad and honoured when customer orders several online marketing solutions – that is the whole marketing campaign. This way we can put several solutions to work together and this combination adds power and efficiency to the campaign.