Module “Polls” allows user to administrate polls. Poll is with fixed location on the website, usually on the side menu. By adding poll user can:

  • choose language (in the case if the website has several language versions);
  • insert name (the question of the poll);
  • choose the start date (on that date the poll will be displayed on the website);
  • choose the finish date (till that day the poll will be displayed on the website);
  • choose, if visitor can can choose one or more answers from the poll;
  • insert up to 10 answers, but not less than two.

In the list of polls it’s possible to filter them by languages and choice of one or several answers.

In the list of polls you can click on the button “View” of particular poll to view its results. In the results of the poll “Total” means the total number of given answers and “People” means the number of people who answered the poll. If it’s chosen that visitor can choose several answers in the poll, then number of “People” can be smaller than number of “Total”.

Action form under the list allows to delete polls.

On the website there is a link “Archive” that opens the results of polls.