People often ask us “how much is one website?” and we ask them in return. If the question comes from constructor, we ask “how much is one house?”, if it comes from car dealer, we ask “how much is one car?”. Like in every other area there is no one specific answer about the price. The final price depends on how complicated the project is. Most of all the price of the website is affected by two aspects: is the standard CMS used or does the customer wish for custom-made solutions and what’s the level of design.

Nonetheless it doesn’t mean that it’s too hard to set the price of the project. Please write us an e-mail with full description of the project, if needed we’ll ask for additional information and will send the price offer.

For very price-sensitive customers we have created ready-made solution with the prices for websites starting from 199 euros. It’s a good solution for starting business or non-profit organization.

Our prices:

  • Programming or design services, 35 € / hour;
  • Uploading content to the website, correction services, 18 € / hour;
  • Training in Tartu 170 €, in Tallinn 80 €; via Skype 60 €

VAT tax (20%) is added to all prices.