The list of entries

The list of entries

The list of entries (Picture 2.) is the list of the entries in the particular module. For example if 3 news were added, then the module „News“ displays the list of 3 news. Below the name of the module there is a menu that allows to view the list of entries and to add new entries. Below the menu there can be drop-down menus for sorting data on the left side and search field on the right side. The search field (Picture 1.) finds by the words in the name and content of the entry. The sorting drop-down menus allow display only those entries that meet specific requirements. For example the choice of language.

Picture 1. Search field



Picture 2. List of entries


Under the seach field and filtration drop-down menus there is a navigation menu that includes two parts. On the right part (Picture 3.) there is a total number of entries in this module and a drop-down menu that allows to choose how many entries should be displayed per page: 30, 60, 90 or all entries. By default the choise is 30 entries per page.

If the quantity of entries is more than can be displayed on one page, there is the list of pages displayed on the left part of the navigation menu. It includes page buttons, buttons “Previous / Next” and drop-down menu for quick jump to the particular page.

The navigation menu is also displayed below the list of entries.

Picture 3. Qunatity of entries in the navigation menu

Picture 4. Choice of pages in navigation menu


The table with the list consists of several columns (the number of columns is different depending on the module) that allow identify the entry. The first column is always an ID number of the entry.


The right column of the table has usually two buttons and one check box (Picture 5.), in some modules also the field of position (Picture 6.) The green button with hammer icon is “Modify” button. By clicking on it the choice of actions is displayed (Picture 7.). The choice of buttons depends on the module. The most common of them are “Modify” (opens the page of the entry where user can make changes to this entry) and “Move up” and “Move down” (allow change the position of the entry in the table). The page of the entry can also be opened by clicking on the name of the entry in the table. By holding down Ctrl key and clicking on “Modify” the page of entry will be opened in new tab of browser.

The red button with cross is “Delete” button. This button removes the entry from the database. Before final removal the alert window is displayed (Picture 8.) that asks user if he/she is confident in the deleting action. After removal the entry is still available (to be recovered) in the “Recycle bin” module. In some modules particular entries don’t have “Delete” button because those entries are fixed and can’t be removed.

Picture 8. Alert of the removal action

On the right side of button “Delete” there is a check-box (Picture 5.). You can mark the entries and make actions (delete, copy, change position etc) to them by choosing the action type under the table of entries (Pictures 9., 10 and 11.) in the action form. If you wish to choose all entries that are displayed in the table on this page, click on the “Choose all entries” button (Picture 12.) that is next to the action form. The selection of entries is displayed by the ID numbers under the table on the left side (Picture 13.)

In the case of removal action the warning window (Picture 14.) is displayed that asks you if you are sure in your action.

Copying action (Picture 10.) allows to copy the selected entry (entries) to other entries of the same kind. For example you can copy the content of the news (text and pictures) to the content of other news or copy data of one product (price, description, pictures, stock, video etc.) to the data of other product.

Before using the action for the change of position (Picture 11.) you have to change the position number in the field of the position number (Picture 6.) of the particular entries. The position number is the ID of the entry. For example if you wish to put the entry with ID 10 between two entries with ID-s 4 and 5, you should change the ID from 10 to 5.