Websites and web-based systems

Websites and web-based systems

Creating websites is our main area of activity. Website can be a simple minisite that has just a couple of pages or complicated system with database for inserting and processing data.

Usually we prefer to do all the work ourselves and try to avoid projects where customer already has design or technical solution that needs additional work.

You can find some standard solutions among our works, but our favorite projects include special design and novel and complicated technical solutions. We can express our creativity and technical skills in those projects and offer our customers something that is one step ahead from their competitors.

The work on website starts with the plan which describes functionality of the system, details of the project and terms of creation process. Next step is making the design and then the technical part is made. In average creating a website takes at least one month. This time is spent on creating the plan and verifying the details, design, programming, testing and giving the project over to the customer.

When creating websites we use content management system GuruCMS. We’ve created this software for our web projects.GuruCMS offers many functions to create the structure of the website and allows to upload content to it. The system consists of modules which gives you a chance to have more functionality in the future and use new solutions.

We’ll help you to bring your ideas to life and promise good quality of the work. You’ll be satisfied!