Company New Media Guru was founded in 2003. Our main areas are making websites, development of web-based systems and creation of digital and offline design. During the years of our existence we have created lots of unique and creative projects. We are a small, but professional team that loves its work. Our experience allows us to solve tasks of any


Sponsorship If someone asks help from us, we have tried to help with our craft. Estonian non-profit organizations and institutions that work in culture, education or social assistance area, can apply for sponsorship. Since 2006 we’ve supported three projects by creating websites for the companies that have asked help from us.   We’ve supported: Shelter

Customer feedback

Customer feedback Pokumaa I am very satisfied with the co-operation. I think that creating the website for Pokumaa wasn’t the easiest task, especially considering certain limits using original materials (illustrations). I liked that in the situations where we wished to have different solutions, you offered new options. Also I liked the flexibility and speed of


Team New Media Guru is two persons that love their work. Tarieli Koppel Optimist. Requires that each detail to be perfect. Always attentive and friendly. Tarieli is responsible for design and communication with customers.In private life is interested in journalism and development of media, can’t live without music and movies, loves the internet. Aleksandrs Kornevs